Sculpted by nature
Why Leather
We know how decadent and eye-catching leather is. We've chosen to offer a bold range of color options, so you can make your statement.
About Our Leather

Our rich, earthy neutrals and bold, jewel toned leathers will make your upholstered piece the statement of any room. Aging luxuriously and beautifully, leather develops more texture and softness all while becoming more and more a part of the home. With proper care, these leathers create family heirloom quality pieces, passed down from generation to generation.

Shop by Style

Each style of leather we offer is unique in finish and hand. With multiple options for you to choose from in an extensive range of neutrals and fashion forward colors, Fabricut Leather has something for everyone.
Protected Leather


Napa leather with soft and subtle texture made from bull skins of European origin. This item is produced using a patent-pending, innovative tanning and finishing treatment with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Aniline Leather


Beautiful leather crafted with an inviting and comfortable look with rich deep colors. With use over time, a natural patina further develops and enriches this leather.



Elegant pearlized finish realizes the ultimate glamour on a delicate tight grain leather.

Aniline Leather


Beautiful leather with a luxurious resin finish, its smooth surface creates clean, luminous color. With use over time, a natural patina further develops and enriches this leather.

Protected Leather


Soft hand with a subtle embossed grain, finished with a protective coating for enhanced durability.

Protected Leather


Rich protected leather with natural grain for a tactile experience and clear colors.

Aniline Leather | Nubuck


Soft Nubuck leather lightly buffed for a vintage effect in warm, rich leather colors. With use over time, a natural patina further develops and enriches this leather.

Aniline Leather


An organic and sustainable aniline leather with a silky touch produced by a precise tanning process that is energy-efficient and sustainable using bull skins of European origin.

Protected Leather


Protected leather with natural grain and supple hand, dyed with resins and pigments with a semi-matte finish.

Aniline Leather | Nubuck


Soft sueded Nubuck leather with a natural grain and soft velvet touch.

Aniline Leather


Pliable leather with a smooth surface and waxy finish to enhance the rich leather colors.

Protected Leather


Bold enticing colors with an embossed natural grain effect with a protective topcoat finish.

Protected Leather


Protected leather with a natural pebble grain, the subtle sheen enhances the effect.