The 4 P's of trend


The aesthetic and fabric categories of Trend are diverse, varying from basic to highly decorative styles. The Trend line presents products ranging from drapery, multi-purpose, sheers, silks, faux silks, linings, upholstery and trimmings. The style of fabrics covers the spectrum from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between. Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, and our collections feature a multitude of designs exclusive to Trend.


As the business of interior design expands to a more diverse demographic, Trend's low-to-moderate price range aids designers and workrooms in accommodating the more value-conscious client without compromising function and form. In addition, one of the benefits of being a Trend customer is having access to exclusive promotions and special offers that are created to help your business. Trend is fulfilling the increasing need in the marketplace for beautiful fabrics at exceptional value.


Trend's fabrics are merchandised in simple, yet sophisticated sample books according to product category: linings, sheers, drapery, silks, prints, multi-purpose, upholstery, and trimmings. This easy to use system has each product category represented by a color designation. The color designations are found on the sample book header and spine to provide easy recognition in a sample book library as well as a way to organize the sample books. The large format of Trend sample books makes it easier than ever to sell directly from the book.

The style of the Trend sample books reflects the industrial, workhorse image of the brand: simple and beautiful elements combined to create a look that is functional and appealing.

personal touch

Our personal touch begins with our staff of Trend inside sales representatives - your personal Trend specialists.

Each customer's Trend inside sales representative is partnered with an outside sales representative, creating our unique 'dual service' approach. Access to a direct, personal contact inside Trend is one of the wonderful benefits of being a Trend customer. Trend inside sales representatives are the customer's main source for any 'sales rep needs,' and each inside sales representative works closely together with the outside sales representative reviewing each new season of books. Our outstanding customer service team is also available to assist with any order needs. The team at Trend delivers the highest level of service to ensure your satisfaction.